Introducing GPT-4o

Discover the new baby of OpenAi. The new AI model that is capable of reasoning across text, audio, and video simultaneously in real time and available for all consumers.



5/11/20242 min read

On Monday, OpenAI presented his brand new model called GPT-4o, a model derived from GPT-4 that presents very incredible new features.

First we have the introduction of a new desktop app ChatGPT, to make even more easily, and fast the usage of the model directly on the desktop :

As described by the company itself, the model is capable of very crazy things :

To demonstrate the capabilities of their new model, Mira Murati, the technology director with two others employees engage very fluids conversations with the model.

The most astonishing capabilities of the model belongs to his ability to mimics human voices with laugh, little sarcasm et "emotions". The model have also increase his ability to speak like a human.

"Oh stop it, you're making me blush"

Here is some examples of the others features of the new model :

Visual assistant in real-time

Tutoring students in real time

Meeting assistant